Basic Salary: $2,841,935 - $3,537,963.00 per annum, plus applicable allowances

Job Purpose:
Under the general direction of the Principal Director of Forest Science & Technology Services, the incumbent drives the national REDD+ process and seeks scientific solutions to problems within the Forest sector that affect species growth and development of forest tree species.

Key Responsibility Areas:
Management/ Administrative Responsibilities
▪ Participates in the development of operational plans and the setting of priorities;
▪ Provides managerial and technical leadership to the country’s UN-REDD program in collaboration with national, regional and international organisations, partners and donors;
▪ Provides leadership and ability to negotiate sensitive and complex issues through initiative, imagination, resourcefulness, and diplomacy;
▪ Strengthens the capacity of the Agency in developing REDD+ strategies and in forest Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) for REDD+ under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in addition to recommending and approving other training programs for staff under their direction;
▪ Coordinates and harmonises international, national and sub-national efforts to develop and implement national/sub-national REDD+ strategies, including the development and implementation of forest monitoring and MRV systems for REDD+;
▪ Prepares, monitors, and controls the annual budget for the Forest Research & Development Branch following primary goals;
▪ Plans, implements, monitors, reports, and allocate resources on technical, operational and financial delivery of Branch results of the UN-REDD country program;
▪ Fosters strengthens and manages strategic partnerships with stakeholders dealing with matters related to the functions of the UN-REDD country program;
▪ Plans and coordinates the preparation of meetings, seminars, publications related to the country’s REDD+ program;
The Forestry Department is an Executive Agency mandated to effectively manage the country’s forest resources while serving the interests of our various publics. Suitably qualified and experienced candidates are being invited to apply for the following position:
▪ Develops and implements a procurement plan for the Branch to ensure timely acquisition of equipment, instruments and materials required by the Branch to undertake the applied forest research program;
▪ Conducts regular meetings and ensures that proper records of all Forest Research Operations are kept in readiness for use by relevant personnel;
▪ Submits special and periodic (monthly, quarterly and annual) analytical reports to the Principal Director Forest Science & Technology Services;
▪ Represents the Agency at local, regional and international meetings, conferences and other functions as required;
▪ Addresses technical and administrative problems arising out of the work of the Branch;

Human Resource Responsibilities
▪ Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Branch and ensures that they are aware of and adhere to the policies and procedures of the Agency;
▪ Conducts periodic reviews of supervisees in accordance with work plans;
▪ Completes final performance assessments and recommends appropriate training and development programmes as necessary;
▪ Provides leadership and guidance to the staff through objective goal setting, coaching, mentoring and training; providing assistance and support when needed;
▪ Develops and maintains effective cooperative working relationships with staff;
▪ Initiates and participates in disciplinary proceedings relating to staff members within the Branch and implements corrective measures;

Technical/ Professional Responsibilities
▪ Collaborates with the Forest Resource Information Management branch to build a National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) for forest and land monitoring using remote sensing, field-based forest inventory, and national greenhouse gases inventory;
▪ Collaborates with the Forest Resource Information Management branch report on carbon stocks for the different pools through forest-area change assessments from national forest inventory analysis
▪ Reports on historical and current greenhouse gas emissions in the forest sector and thetechnical assessment process for Forest Reference Emission Levels/Forest Reference Levels (FREL/FRL) for Jamaica
▪ Develops and implement REDD+ actions to mitigate climate change to address the main drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in Jamaica, as well as opportunities for enhancement of forest carbon stocks;
▪ Develops REDD+ strategic documents, which may include Readiness Preparation Proposals (R-PP), REDD+ national strategies or action plans and REDD+ national investment plans;
▪ Maintains an awareness of the latest developments in the field of Applied Forest Research by:
- Continuing review literature in relevant fields of research
- Maintaining communication with researchers (local and overseas) working in related fields of Forest Research
- Attending seminars, conferences and study tours where appropriate
- Preparing and submitting technical reports and papers for publication and dissemination to the general public
▪ Plans executes and monitors Branch’s work by:
- Designing forest research programmes to answer specific research related questions
- Writing experiment plans;
- Interpreting and reporting of scientific research results and information;
- Selecting sites for the establishment of research plots and obtaining any necessary approvals;
- Arranging for soil samples to be collected and analysed as necessary;
- Monitoring research data collection, recording, processing, assessment and storage;
- Deciding on any modification to original research plans occasioned by unforeseen circumstances;
- Undertaking statistical analyses of data collected and ensuring data validation;
- Advising the Agency on new techniques and measures for improving biodiversity and conservation practices through written reports, papers, experimental results, lectures locally, regionally and internationally;
- Developing and evaluating a wide range of research systems (even-aged and multi-aged) to meet diverse management goals;
- Investigating the effects of forest operations and management activities on long-term site productivity, including nutrient cycling, changes in soil conditions, and vegetation responses;
- Developing tree- and stand-level growth models that characterise stand dynamics for a wide range of research practices and regimes;
- Developing and adopting advanced technologies that allow better design, implementation, and monitoring of forest operations and their impacts;
- Developing the relevant procedures, manual and guidelines as they relate to forest research;
- Developing nursery research to generate scientific information to improve production;
- Liaising with the Silviculture Branch on matters of forest research policy, programmes and plans;
▪ Ensures the collection of forestry research data and information by:
- Updating/developing analytical methods to assess quality;
- Providing structural information, both qualitative and quantitative;
- Determining the methodology to control weeds and undergrowth in regenerating stands;
- Ensuring that the regeneration potential of the natural forest and the dynamics of stand development and growth rate are assessed and determined;
- Ensuring the gathering of plantation information is made available for future analysis to determine the suitability and potential of artificial regeneration methodology;
- Interpreting spectral responses and calibration of experiments;
▪ Participates in the development of reforestation and management plans following procedures, prescriptions and operational standards;
▪ Organises attends and facilitates public awareness sessions such as workshops, seminars and fields days in collaboration with the CC&M Branch;
▪ Keeps abreast of developments and changes that may have a significant impact on initiatives being undertaken to achieve sustainable forestry management and preservation;
▪ Ensures that staff is aware of and adhere to policies, procedures and regulations of the Branch and the Agency;

Required Competencies
▪ Excellent knowledge of research and development;
▪ Knowledge of equipment for use in operations;
▪ Sound analytical and strategic thinking skills;
▪ Excellent knowledge of forestry science
▪ Competence in computer applications for data processing and management;
▪ Excellent time management skills;
▪ Good problem-solving skills & tenacity;
▪ Good statistical software skills
▪ Sound personal and professional integrity;
▪ Excellent customer orientation skills;
▪ Ability to work effectively with internal and external stakeholders;
▪ Excellent interpersonal and communication (spoken, written and presentational) skills, including the ability to present complex issues and positions with clarity;
▪ Ability to build partnership in achieving operational goals;

Minimum Required Education and Experience
▪ A post-graduate degree in Environmental/Natural Resource Management, Applied Forest/Applied Earth Sciences, Climate Change or related area
▪ Certificate in Supervisory Management
▪ Four (4) years experience in Sustainable Forest Management/Silviculture/Applied Forest Research
▪ Experience in experiment designs and statistics
▪ Knowledgeable in Forest related Climate Change matters
In addition to:-
▪ Experience working on REDD+ Safeguards and Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)
▪ Knowledge of REDD+ programme development

Applications along with resumes should be submitted no later than Friday, August 13, 2021 to:
Director, Human Resource Management & Development,
Forestry Department,
173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8
Fax: 924-2626

We thank all persons who express an interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.