Principal Director, Corporate Services (Level 9)

Basic Salary Range:  $3,731,304 - $4,649,675 p.a. plus any allowance(s) attached to the post


Job Purpose:

Under the sole direction of the CEO & Conservator of Forests, leads the provision of effective, efficient and economical delivery of corporate operations and services. The incumbent is accountable for developing and implementing innovative and holistic corporate management frameworks and directing the provision of expert advice and services for all administration and human resources management activities, including human resource management, asset management, procurement and contracting, records and information management for the Agency.

Key Responsibilities Areas

Management/Administrative Responsibilities

§  Participates in the formulation of strategic/corporate plans for the Agency;

§  Ensures that the Agency’s annual and supplementary budgets are prepared and utilized in accordance with relevant Acts and guidelines;

§  Monitors the financial resources of the Agency to ensure that expenditure is prioritised and in line with established criteria;

§  Monitors the process for procurement of goods and services; ensures that procurement is efficient and that guidelines are adhered to in the acquisition of goods/services;

§  Ensures that all mandated reports on the operations of the Agency are prepared and submitted to the CEO & Conservator of Forests and as required;

§  Oversees the development and implementation of work plans and programmes for the Division;

§  Establishes and maintains systems/programmes to foster a culture of service and teamwork within the Agency;

Technical / Professional Responsibilities

Strategic/Administrative Support

§  Provides expert advice, briefings and support to the CEO & Conservator of Forests on all matters relating to corporate services and policy;

§  Oversees the development and execution of resource acquisition plans for the Agency;

§  Oversees the development of human capital and the institutionalisation of the values and competencies required by the Agency to operate efficiently and effectively;

§  Ensures that the development and implementation of a results-based performance management and incentives system;

§  Reviews audit reports to ensure that they accurately reflect the operations of the Agency and ensures appropriate and timely actions to address issues identified and recommendations made;

§  Leads the development, implementation and continuous review of modern policies, processes and services to support the strategic management and efficient administration of the Agency;

§  Implement an Agency wide system for evaluating performance against the outcomes stated in its corporate and operational plans;

§  Monitors the Agency’s budget, ensuring that operational efficiency and cost effectiveness are achieved and taking corrective action to minimise variances;

§  Ensures that appropriate communication and knowledge management systems are in place to facilitate the dissemination of accurate and timely information within the Agency;


Physical facilities, logistics and asset management:

§  Ensures that physical facilities and assets (fixed and current) are managed and maintained optimally; and that the Agency’s operations are conducted in secure, comfortable and functional work environments;

§  Ensures the implementation of a maintenance and security programme to protect the Agency’s buildings, motor vehicles, equipment, personnel and information.


Records and Information Management:

§  Ensures that all Agency technical papers and records are collated, maintained, stored and can be retrieved in a timely manner;

§  Ensures the development and implementation of systems to manage information, correspondence and records electronically, and manage the storage of physical records as required;

§  Ensures that the Agency is compliant with the Access to Information Act;

§  Performs any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Required Competencies


The post-holder will be able to demonstrate:

§  Excellent strategic leadership and management skills;

§  Knowledge of financial management and budgeting (FAA Act) and GOJ procurement procedures;

§  Sound analytical and strategic thinking;

§  Ability to analyse and interpret financial and other corporate information for decision making;

§  An ability to exercise sound judgement and prioritise amongst conflicting demands;

§  Excellent knowledge and understanding of corporate functions and their potential strategic contribution;

§  An ability to manage limited resources in order to achieve challenging output targets;

§  Sound personal and professional integrity;

§  Strong emotional intelligence, customer service skills and team motivational abilities.

Minimum Required Education and Experience

§  Master’s Degree in management, public administration or a closely related field with 3 years’ experience;


§  Bachelor’s Degree in Management, public administration or a closely related field with five (5) years related experience;


§  Experience in Administration and Corporate Services and budgeting processes;

§  At least three (3) years’ experiences in a senior management position in either the public or private sector;

§  Demonstrated experience in achieving significant organisational change and improvements;

§  Any equivalent combination of qualification and experience;


Applications along with resumes should be submitted no later than Friday, November 5, 2021 to:

Senior Director,  Human Resource Management & Development                                   

Forestry Department

173 Constant Spring Road

Kingston 8



We thank all persons who express an interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.