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Jamaica has 114 forest reserves, and this series will be bringing you closer to some of these important and amazing locations 

1. The Gourie Forest Management Area (FMA) is situated in the central plateau at an average elevation of 840 metres (2,750 feet) and is located about 3.2 km (2 miles) to the north of Christiana. 

2. The present block of 107 hectares (now owned by Government), formed a part of a property owned by the Webb family of Christiana. 

3.  The site was severely degraded, when the Forestry Department took over its management. The Agency first began reforesting Gourie in 1942, and the plantation forests were established mainly by trial and error using a wide variety of tree species. 

4. In the 1970s, the Forestry Department established a forest camp at Gourie with the construction of three cabins; these cabins were made available to the general public for overnight rentals and longer stays. 

5. The Gourie cave runs from east to west and is situated at the eastern boundary of the forest management area. There are three entrances located on the forest management area. The cave is at an altitude of 825 metres (2,700 feet) and is 3,505 metres (2.18 miles) long at a depth of 90 metres (295 feet); it is said to be the longest cave in Jamaica. The river that runs through the cave over its bed of yellow limestone is said to be the overflow from an underground lake about 70 metres away in Succeed District near Christiana.

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