Who We Are


Jamaica: a country where we value our forest ecosystem and use its resources in a responsible manner.


Manage our forests in an effective and responsible manner for the benefit of current and future generations.


The Goal of the Agency is: “Manage and conserve the forest ecosystems of Jamaica for the benefit of present and future generations.”

The Forestry Department is established and mandated by the Forest Act 1996 to:

  • Support the sustainable management of forests on Crown lands in forest reserves and estates; and the effective conservation of the said forests;
  • Direct and control the sustainable utilization of forest resources by the introduction of adequate systems for renewal of those resources;
  • Implement the National Forest Management and Conservation Plan;
  • Promote the development of forests on private lands.
  • Promote, establish and maintain a forest research programme with a view to:
    • Enhancing forest management and development;
    • Identifying and obtaining silvicultural data to be used in improving financial yields of species important to the national economy;
    • Ensuring reforestation of suitable lands;
  • Establishing and promoting public education programmes to improve understanding of the contribution of forests to national well-being and national development;
  • Establishing and maintaining recreational facilities in such forest estates as may be designated for that purpose;
  • Promoting agroforestry and social forestry programmes for the benefit of farmers, schools and any other interested persons, or groups of persons;
  • Determining, with the approval of the Minister, fees for licences or permits granted under the Act or any other services rendered by the Agency;
  • Preparation of forest inventories and the demarcation and maintenance of forest boundaries;
  • Control and supervision of the cutting, harvesting, milling and sale of timber and other forest produce;
  • Granting of licences and permits under this Act;
  • Compiling information and statistics concerning the use of timber and other forest produce;
  • Taking steps to enforce compliance with the provisions of the Act.