Forestry Department Launches Mural Competition

The Forestry Department is targeting secondary and tertiary level students to enter its Mural Competition as part of its 80th Anniversary celebrations and public awareness campaign for Closed Broadleaf Forests.

The competition is centered around two themes, “Closed Broadleaf Forests; Precious but threatened” for students in tertiary institutions and the Agency’s 80th anniversary theme, “80 Years of GROWTH; Safeguarding Our Future”, for secondary school students.

Mrs. Francine Black Richards, Senior Manager, Public Relations and Corporate Communications at the Forestry Department, said the theme surrounding the closed broadleaf forests was selected to increase awareness and appreciation of this forest type.

“When we talk about closed broadleaf forests we are referring to forests with minimal human disturbance and high levels of biodiversity. 7.7 per cent of Jamaica’s land mass is classified as closed broadleaf forests and can be found mainly in the Cockpit Country, Blue Mountain, Stephney John’s Vale and Dolphin Head forest reserves. So we have selected this theme to help raise awareness about this forest type because the more persons know especially in terms of the benefits they provide, the more they will want to protect them,” Mrs. Black Richards said.

The anniversary theme was chosen to highlight the Agency’s journey over the last eight decades in Guiding the country; Reforesting the landscape; providing Opportunities; Working together with communities; and Transferring knowledge through the use of Holistic approaches. It will show, through the eyes of our young people, how the work of the Agency will help to safeguard the future through the protection and preservation of the island’s forest resources.

The murals, which will painted on the wall by the entrance of the Agency’s Head Office at 173 Constant Spring Road, will be visible to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and will serve for educational, recreational and aesthetic purposes.

“We want the students to get really creative; we want the murals to be bright and radiant in the depiction of the themes being explored. Entries will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness, strong sense of the themes being highlighted, visual impact and balance and we have some good prizes so we encourage the students to give it a good shot,” Mrs. Black Richards said.

Prizes include cash, digital devices, gift baskets, and trophies. Designs must be original works of art and must not have been entered in previous competitions. The deadline for submission of designs is Friday, April 6, 2018.

For more information on the competition and the guidelines, persons may visit the Forestry Department’s website,