Forestry Department Recognizes Employees at Biennial Staff Awards

Employee of the Year, Mr. Christopher Marshall, beams with pride alongside Director, Human Resource Management and Development Branch, Ms. Novelette Anderson, while collecting  his award during the Agency's Biennial Staff Awards On December 8, 2017.

The Forestry Department staged another successful Biennial Staff Awards with several employees being recognised for their years of service and outstanding performance in the Agency over the last two years.

The award categories included Long Service Award for 20 years of service and over; the Conservator’s Award for Excellence; Employee of the year; Branch of the Year; Division of the Year; Most Improved Branch; Most Improved Division, and Special Commendations.

Senior Compliance and Enforcement Officer, Mrs. Andrea Gallimore-Steele, copped the prestigious Conservator’s Award for Excellence for her zeal and commitment to work and her consistent levels of efficiency during her six (6) years of service to the Agency.

Miss Marilyn Headley, CEO & Conservator of Forests, says Mrs. Steele’s dedication to work, consistency of purpose, honesty and forthrightness in the execution of her duties aligns well with the Agency’s five Core Values of “Commitment, Confidentiality, Teamwork, Integrity and Professionalism” which are among the reasons she was selected as the recipient of the award.

“Her ability to transition seamlessly from the field into the office is not a characteristic that can be taught and her commitment to her job despite the challenges has garnered the respect, support and admiration of the staff under her care, as well as her others colleagues within the Agency. Her efforts and commitment have impacted greatly on the work of the Legal and Enforcement Division and the Agency at large,” Ms. Headley said.

In the meantime, Mr. Christopher Marshall, who currently serves the Agency in the position of Handyman, was recognized as Employee of the Year.

Supervisor of the Employee of the Year, Mr. Hugh Fairweather, said Mr. Marshall consistently produces quality work and exhibits integrity and honesty in the execution of his duties.

“He is very accountable, takes initiatives and needs little to no supervision to execute any task in an efficient and accurate manner. It is not very often in life and in our work environments that we can find persons with the attributes that this person possesses and that take such great pride in their work. The Forestry Department is indeed blessed to have such person in the form of Christopher Marshall,” Mr. Fairweather said.

Meanwhile, nine (9) persons were awarded for their over 20 years of service to the Forestry Department. They are: Misses Joan Arnold, May Aikens; Mesdames Bethune Williams, Nichola Bryan-Dixon, Sharon Grey; Messrs. Rudolph Smith, José Bravo, Edward Richards and Churton Douglas.

The Public Relations and Corporate Communications Branch and the Legal and Enforcement Division copped the Branch and Division of the Year awards respectively for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 for achieving the highest percentages in their performance indicators as outlined in the Agency’s Operational Plans. The Corporate Services Division and the Information Communication Technology Branch received awards for Most Improved Division and Branch, respectively.

Six (6) employees also received special commendations for their selfless service and team spirit. The awardees were Misses Nakeisha Sewell and Sandy-Lue Cole and Messrs. Courtney Mullings, Otway Elliot, Glenn Brown and Upton Edwards.

The Biennial Staff Awards this year featured the Launch of the Agency’s 80th Anniversary which is being celebrated under the theme, “80 Years of GROWTH: Safeguarding the Future”