Marilyn Headley


Chief Executive Officer and Conservator of Forests

The first and still the only female to hold the position of Conservator of Forests,  Marilyn Headley  became the CEO of the Forestry Department in November  1996. Her career in Forestry and Agricultural Marketing span more than 30 years. She spearheaded the development of the National Forest Management and Conservation Plan as well as the review of the country’s Forest Policy, both documents are vital to the successful management of Jamaica’s forest resources.   Miss Headley has also steered the Forestry Department through the Executive Agency Transformation process.  She has served in several capacities throughout the Caribbean Forestry sector including:  the Board of Governors of the Commonwealth Forestry Association ; former Chairman of the Caribbean Natural Resource Institute, Trinidad and Tobago; Chairman of the Oversight Committee for the Forest Conservation Fund, Jamaica and Chairman of the Protected Areas Committee, Jamaica.